Sunday, January 4, 2015

2 weeks to start a good base

So the last two weeks have been my start of the base for April Marathon.  I know it's pretty early thinking its 4 and a half out from Boston, but I've learned that without a strong foundation the house tends to fall.  Here is a sample of the training from last week:
Saturday 13 miles
Sunday 12 miles
Monday 6 miles
Tuesday 14 miles
Wednesday 13 miles
Thursday rest
Friday 6 miles
Saturday DRC 10K 36:20 3rd
Sunday 11 miles
As you can tell I was trying to keep teh miles up and other than the race did very little speed work. I did notice that during the DRC race my 5k times were about 1 min difference which probably took into account the tired legs.  Overall, I enjoyed training these last 2 weeks and feel like my training is coming along.  I would like to keep going with the base for the next 2 months, then moving on the the strengths phase of the training.  Right now if I can stay consistent and focus on the miles, I will be in good shape.  After reading Lydiards training I've found that the base is the most important for me, so I definitely want to do base work until February, then March focus on hill work, and to cap it off in April do a week of speed work before going into taper.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

update on after the october marathon

So after the October baystate marathon I decided to take some days off and then run on the weekend with my running buddies.  I ran Saturday and Sunday but still felt my legs shaken up a bit so I took another week off.  My legs felt great and after that I have been trying to keep steady.  This week I took 3 days off due to having a cold but last weekend I was able to get some good mileage 16 on saturday at a 7:40 pace and 12 on Sunday around 8 pace.  This weekend I ran Thursday and Friday 6 miles each and then 12 both Saturday and Sunday.
Two weekends ago I did run a 17;15  at the Bryan Adams 5k which wasn't bad for not doing much speed work and taking 2 weeks off the marathon.  I did get a bike tune up certificate from the race which is pretty cool, since I can definitely take my bike in.
Next up will be the Turkey Trot and the Dallas relay.
I will recommend an article that resonated with me.  It was about doing most of your runs at a comfortable talking pace.  I would say 80% of your runs should be at this pace if you want to have continuous results and in general enjoyment in your running.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Baystate Marathon

It's been a while since my last post.  I was a bit disappointed in that I was out for like 3 weeks during the month of September and I knew that my training was affected due to a bad infection that I had.  After going to the clinic and getting treated I was able to get better and I got some good runs with the Co-op.  A 18 and 20 miler in late September and early October before the marathon.  I was definitely not shooting for a personal best, but I figured I would give it the best I could. I flew up to Boston on Saturday morning and after a long commute to my brothers house I made it home around 3 pm.  The rest of the Saturday we just hanged out at his house and went to have lunch at whole foods and then dinner at a Italian restaurant in Weymouth.
Sunday morning we woke up really early to try to leave the house around 5 in the morning.  Lowell, was about an hour drive and we needed to get our bib number so we left we some time to spare.  Juan drove and we got to Lowell just after 6 in the morning and found a parking garage that was really close to the starting line which was great.  We went to get the bib and shirt and had plenty of time before the 8am start.  The weather was ideal in the high 40s low 50s and about an 11mph wind.  So I knew I could definitely run a good time with the conditions.  The town started as a factory town with lots of big factories buildings that had been restored to now be apartments and offices.  The architecture was real neat and the town was really picturesque.  The course consisted of two 13 mile loops that went around the town.  I got ready and job a bit in the parking garage.  Plenty of porta potties were available which was great since there was no waiting.  At the start I got to the very front and Juan stayed back a bit  since he was looking at a slower time.  At the beginning the first two miles were around 6 min pace and the third mile I slowed down to about a 6:30.  I kept running around that pace until I was sucked in by a group of about 6 runners that were running together. At that point I told myself that I needed to run with these guys because the wind was pretty significant and they would keep me with a consistent pace.
The course was on the side of the road and they had some cones to divide the runners from the cars.  I made sure to tuck in with the other runners to try and get a bit of a shield from the wind especially when the wind was coming head on.  We passed the 10 mile mark around 1:02:30 which was a good pace.  I had four hammer gels in my shorts and was taking them every 5 miles.  The group stayed together and I made sure to stay with them as we were finishing up the first loop.
At half way mark one of the runners had a buddy that joined the group and the group started to dwindle.  I somehow got a burst of energy and went with the runner and his friend.  They were pretty tall guys so they blocked my wind pretty well.  We sped up and were running right around 6 on the second loop.  I told myself just hang on for as long as you can, at least so they can block the wind.  At around mile 19 my legs got real heavy and I had my last hammer gel.  This was the point in the race that I just wanted to keep going and knock off one mile at a time. The wind was at my back and I was going a bit downhill which helped with the pace.  I was running by myself at this point so I just wanted to be consistent.  I believe I past 20 miles at around 2:04 which was still a consistent pace.  The last 10 km was painful to say the least.  I kept just kept trying to get to the next mile and from mile 23 to 24 it felt like forever. At this point there was a bit of crowd support so that help me push the last bit.  I believe I was in 15 place at that point and was passed by the first female which was going really quick. I tried to stay with them by my legs were just trying to stay consistent.  The last mile was a right turn on a pretty bridge and long straight away then a left towards the finish line.  Once I made the left turn I got a second wind and was able to finish strong.
The race was very well organized, the weather was nearly perfect, and I felt like I put 100% on that day.  I knew my training had been interrupted so I was very proud of what I did considering the training.  Juan also did well, he mentioned he was looking at 4 hours and he was about 30 minutes faster. I almost missed him at the finish line as he was coming in thinking he was coming in later that day.
After the race we went to Manchester NH and toured the area.  Overall excellent race that was relatively cheap 80 bucks and it wasn't too much of a hassle to get too. I enjoyed the smaller towns in Massachusetts. I would definitely like to go back and run some good times. Special thanks to Juan and Cara for their hospitality and driving me around.

26th Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon and Half Marathon
#597: JOSE LOPEZNet Time
Division Place:8   
Net Time:2:46:55.9   
Gun Time:2:46:57.6   

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 1

Monday bike 1 hour
Tues bike 1 hour
Weds bike 90 min
Thurs 1 hour
Friday 4 miles
Sat 90 min bike
Sunday 4 miles

August 25

Monday 6
Tues rest
Wed rest
Thurs 6
Friday rest
Sat rest
Sun rest
Had a cold not a good week

August 18

Monday 7
Tues 7
Wed bike 90 min
Thurs 7
Friday 6
Sat 18 mile with 10 tempo
Sunday 10

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 11

Mon 12 miles
Tues 7 miles
Weds bike 2 hours
Thurs bike 2 hours
Fri 7 miles
Saturday 18 miles
Sunday 10 miles
Felt pretty tired after Monday workout so I crossed trained after that.  Felt pretty good for the rest of the week.